Hannah & Cash

This is my latest album, made in collaboration with Cash. Its an exploration of many new sounds for me, and it was created and recorded during my pregnancy with my first son. Id love to know what you think x
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Hannah Pearl is a fiercely independent, talented Singer-Songwriter, born and bred in the heartland of alternative Australian lifestyle, Nimbin.

She has been travelling the world with her music for almost a decade now, collecting weird and wonderful stories along the way; from being a professional karaoke singer in Japan, to busking on street corners all over Europe, and even featuring on The Voice of Germany in 2012 Hannah has sought colour and adventure at every turn.

In the last year she has partnered up with fellow Australian, and fellow nomad Cash Weijers, with whom she created a songwriting and performing partnership. Their album simply titled “Hannah & Cash” is a testament to their enthusiasm for keeping it fresh. Their influences range from Motown to Disco, Folk and EDM, but from these distinct strains they have managed to distill a kind of Nouveau Blues which both soothes and tickles.

 “Creatively versatile and musically curious, this duo draw on their diverse influences to colour their classic pop core with shades of blues, latin, flamenco, electronic and folk.

Bittersweet harmonies and poignant lyrics soar over this acoustic, groove driven strain of indie pop, and the results are hard-hitting, catchy songs that are irresistibly uplifting and evocative  in the true singer/songwriter tradition.”


Melbourne… Gentle, graceful city, canvas upon which many an extreme and schizophrenic weather change is orchestrated… Some say this leads to a resilient and open minded population. I can’t really say as I haven’t been here very long, but I really dig the vibes so far.
Ive been enjoying the flow of it, holed up inside writing songs with Cash when the weather is intemperate and releasing myself into the sunshiny world as soon as the weather clears.
We have been here a week, eating lots of great asian food and staying in a very chic house in the heart of chic Carlton, slowly putting together a busking rig that will allow us to shine on the streets, to create a little oasis of tuneful tunes and harmonious harmonies in the inner city. Thats the vision, anyway.
The last 6 months has been a whirlwind, being creative, productive, working hard and traveling a lot. Making videos (click HERE to see) Most importantly (lets keep our priorities straight), having FUN!!
It all began in Berlin, where I was playing on my lonesome, and it was a little lonely. Then I met Cash and his rag tag band of warm hearted troubadours, whom i quickly christened the Kings of Chaos (or Children of Freedom as they preferred to be known). After a few impromptu jams on the street we began to merge into one big band and the sparks began to fly…. An intense reaction from passers by, who stopped and became audiences, we created a little world there for a while. We became the focus point for many people, who came back every evening to spend their time with us.
Eventually it was too much for the neighbors, who began to call the police and under the threat of having our precious amplifiers confiscated, our meetings became more furtive, and eventually the fun was much compromised by the resulting anxiety, and we cut back to working as soloists and duos again. Such is life.
In any case, Cash and I have been writing songs, influenced by each other and as such they are unlike any we have ever composed individually. Its refreshing and it feels right. To move, to breathe, to let new things rise up and old things fall away and to discover new sides to our musicalities, it stimulates me and I feel excited about life.
Combining that with being in my familiar and lovely country, I feel at once supported and free and its an amazing feeling.
The funny thing is, the moment I heard Cash play, I had a vision of us doing exactly this; and here we are.
Hopefully we can therefore use our skills of manifestation to change the political situation, get money out of politics and get the issues we all care about on the agenda.
And meanwhile, listen to music and love each other, giggle and enjoy wherever we are, whenever we are.
Thanks for reading, hope you have enjoyed the tunes on this site, and are enjoying the moment!