Hannah Pearl is a singer-songwriter born and raised on an alternative commune near Nimbin, Australia.

With a talent for performance and audience engagement that was evident from her earliest years, she started playing guitar at age 17. At 18, she formed her first band, the all girl “Slippery”. They played together for 3 years, recorded an E.P. and performed at the Woodford folk festival, Australia’s largest event of its kind.
While the other girls in the band gradually dropped out to have babies, Hannah continued to work hard at her music, performing solo in clubs and hotels on the Northern NSW circuit. At the age of 24 she travelled to Japan and worked for a year, teaching English and singing in a karaoke bar to pay for her debut solo album, later recorded in Australia.
CD in hand, she travelled to Europe where she launched head first into touring the summer festival circuit. Upon returning to Granada, Spain, she fell in love with flamenco, and became immersed in the citys rich musical culture.

Her music is honest, heartfelt, bitter-sweet, optimistic, authentic and raw. She is a consummate performer, with a quick wit and the ability to engage a wide range of audiences, A Queen of upbeat, honey pop rock.