First song from the new album!!

216707_10150262331366743_3713534_nmy parents when they were pregnant with me… i havent made a baby (yet) but i have made an album im proud of!!

The album is all but finished, and Im incredibly content. The fact that i can say that in public is something pretty special because im my own worst critic and im rarely satisfied with anything, but i can honestly say i love ALL the songs on this album, mainly due to the incredible work of the musicians and especially of my co-producer Cheluis Salmeron.

The first single, Australia, is already up on soundcloud

and if you like what you hear, and want to support me to pay for the project, please check out my indiegogo campaign page

Please share this page, i would love as many people as possible to know about this album. Thats how proud i am!!

Thank you all for supporting, for dropping by my webpage and sharing this magical moment with me. Peace.

x hannah

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